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#2010 on July 4, 2019
Peachtree Crawl Festivities!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 7:45 AM — start will have beverages so pls be early!

Start: Publix parking lot @ Peachtree Battle Shopping Center — 2365 Peachtree Rd NE, Hotlanta 30305. Look for RWB 🇺🇸 hashers milling about.

Hares: Debbi Duz Digits & Ouch!!!

Cost: $5 for crawlers including beer, beer and orange food on Peachtree Street! EVERYBODY pays on own at the Highlander!

Special Info From Hares: Plan for graciously (or disgracefully😁?) hash-hosted beverage stops & a leisurely stroll with hashers and 60,000ish muggles/civilians/road racists. Seriously, we greatly appreciate our fab hash stop hosts (& hares)!! Start will count as Stop #1 (guess that’s why they call us half minds;)?) hosted by AH4. Stop #2 proudly hosted by PLH3 & the lovely Double Suck at the Eiffel Tower (#2288 PT). Stop #3 is Blackbear Tavern. Stop #4 super-bly? hosted by BSH3 via Super Suck & High Dicker @ PT & Beverly Rd NE. EVERYONE including crawlers PAYS ON OWN at the Highlander ending. (They’ll have their usual BBQ or menu stuff. Regular midtown prices. Sorry folks, we tried.)

What to bring: Bring your bad self and bad songs! Festive 4th attire and comfy shoes are most recommended!🇺🇸 Bring $ for ending including your own food/beverages & any extra credit if u want something fancy @ BBT.

Directions to the Start: Start is off of Peachtree Battle (go figure😊) & Peachtree Rd NE. Uber, Lyft or sMARTA is recommended. (Lindbergh is the closest MARTA station.) For anyone driving, take the route in from Lindbergh & side entrance.

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