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#1993 on March 16, 2019
Green Dress joint run

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2 pm, take off at 2:30 pm

Start: Harp Irish Pub, 1425 Market Blvd, Roswell, GA 30076

Hares: Swamp Guinea & Double Suck

Cost: Hash cash $10.

Special Info From Hares: Some Green Dress Runs are all about the trail, some Green Dress Runs are all about being seen and *this* Green Dress Run is about Irish Pub! Trail will be a casual jaunt around Roswell with light shiggy and plenty of pudding/jello shots and door prizes for our lovely Green Dressed hounds. Come for the green pudding shots and stay for the kick-ass On-In pub! Words for the wise half minds: the North Springs station is a short 7 mile Uber/Lyft ride away! Whatever price that works out to is way cheaper than a DUI! Also, there will be plenty of booze on trail and at the end, but the on in is pay your own way. They have great food.

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: Follow the drunken foot.

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