Past Muckity Muck

#1988 on February 9, 2019
Red Dress Charity Run - Joint Trail with Pine Lake!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00ish

Start: Ace Hardware, 39 69! Lawrencville Hwy, Tucker

Hares: Pissticide & Sanitary Not!

Cost: $20 for beer and orange food. Our charity - Suicide Prevention. (Extra donations helps the cause!) Virgins not free this week.

Special Info From Hares: Three beer stops and maybe 4 and food at end. Complaints to Youron Weed. Sani will be accepting no complaints. What to wear - seriously??? Your best red dress and heels and hat and gloves..... well some of those anyway. Guys - don't wear anything under the dress so you can explain in the men's room - "yes, this is my family 'kilt' Women - wear something under yours OK??? ;) And don't forget your make up and your great high heels. and remember - we really need to look better than the 'men'. What will happen - well without underwear :twisted: ..... - Oh shit you mean for the hash, right? Well we start and drink and move on and drink and move on and drink. Not hard right? So far ....

What to bring: Should you bring your Hash clothes for after??? NO. SERIOUSLY, NO. Dogs on leash ok. Should you bring kids? - Well only if they are yours and you know where you left them. You know who you are right? $5 for them small 'uns.

Directions to the Start: Check out the working map with the red dress foot.

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