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#1970 on October 13, 2018
Porch Fest

Hash Info

Time: EARLY START: Meet at 12 for a 1 PM start. This means more parking and more music for you!

Start: Park at Decatur High (or Renfroe Middle School if they still have spaces) and walk to start at 326 Adams Street. This is the home of an unwitting civilian who happens to have a band playing, so please be considerate.

If you like to MARTA, the whole festival is pretty much between the East Lake and Decatur stations.

Hares: Kitty Kitty Gang Bang, Snail Trail & Juss Lix Dix

Cost: $8 gets you beer and orange food.

Special Info From Hares: Last year's Porchfest hash was such a hit, We're doing it again. This is an unusual little neighborhood festival with about 200 performances, all on porches and in yards. Familiarize yourself with the event (incl. dog/alcohol/yard etiquette) here:

If you want a ball-busting shiggy fest, or if you can't abide crowds of civilians, we love you, but this may not be the trail for you. This one is more about enjoying some music, BEvERages, and hospitality on a Saturday and getting a few miles in.

Start is early to maximize enjoyment of music, festivities, and parking.

What to bring: A sense of humor, $$ for any extra credit festival purchases. Check the weather so you can appropriately prepare for whatever the weather brings throughout the day. Most folks didn't need hash bags last year.

Directions to the Start: Entrance to Decatur High School parking lot is at the corner of McDonough and W. Howard St. Renfroe is about a block away at 220 W College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030.

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