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#1958 on July 21, 2018
Shoot The Hooch

Hash Info

Time: Noon, NooN, NOON gather: On OUT at 1!!!

Start: NOC Chattahoochee Outpost - Powers Island, 5450 Interstate N Pkwy, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. North Parking Lot is start (one with rental hut).

Hares: Gentrifuckation, Swamp Guinea & Wil U Suck

Cost: $12 bucks to make you holla! Errrrrmm, ah, for beer and food. $12 Includes beer, the usual orange food and sandwiches!

Special Info From Hares: North Parking Lot is start (one with rental hut). End is Paces Mill... approx 3-4 hour float. Carpool and drop cars at the end. Parking is $3 bucks; pay at kiosk. Rental floats available at extra cost at start. What to expect: Sun, sunburn (bring sunscreen), water, other Shoot the Hoochers, waterfowl, mankinis, fish, fishermen (people?), fun, jumping rock, regular rocks, moobs, having fun, bitching instead of having fun, more fun after a cold one, Australian Crocodiles, and drunks acting like crocodiles, probably...

What to bring: PFD and float. A boat, a float, water wings, inner tubes, a rubber ducky... sunscreen, floating fleshlight, non-beer drinks and some water proof snacks. Long sleeved shirt? Anti-lightening voodoo doll. A Personal Flotation Device/LIFE JACKET! NO PFD, NO FLOAT! Rangers can kick you off river, so up to you... but don't expect mouth to mouth after you sink slowly to the bottom of the river, as I know where that mouth has been! Gentrif*ckation

Directions to the Start: Click the sunburned foot below.

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