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#1955 on July 4, 2018
Peachtree Pub Crawl

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 7:30 AM, take off at 8 AM

Start: Peachtree Battle Shopping Center - 2325 Peachtree Road NE, ATL 30305 - look for hungover hashers milling about!!! MARTA highly recommended as many streets will be blocked off!!!

Hares: Pissticide

Cost: Special event pricing $20 for crawlers with lotsa beer, orange food & appetizers! Virgins are FREE the next time! Folks/racers are most welcome to show up at end & pay $8 for beer/appies starting at 10:45 AM.

Special Info From Hares: Thx again to Pissticide for volunteering. Prepare for fun fourth festivities (say that 4 times fast😁?)!! We’ll have start festivities, 4 stops (if barricades cooperate on 1 of ‘em & this includes a bar) + the obligatory Highlander ending with beer/appetizers! Optional extra credit stop on own, too. Highlander will have other food off the menu or BBQ for folks who wish to order their own. The hash will only cover beer & appies at the end.

What to bring: Obnoxious 4th of July attire, comfy shoes, sunscreen & your favorite hash song(s) might could be in order!

Directions to the Start: Take (S)MARTA if possible! Otherwise, Uber/Lyft might work. Shopping center should have parking for patrons.

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