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#1915 on October 14, 2017
AH4 Hashes Thru Oakhurst Porch Fest!!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at *1:00pm* - take off at 2:00pm!

Start: 346 2nd Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

Hares: Kitty Kitty Gang Bang & Mango Boy

Cost: $8 for beer and orange food. Virgins are FREE the next time!

Special Info From Hares: The Atlanta Hash invades Oakhurst Porch Fest this Saturday! Please note this week's special instructions. Meet at 1 PM - take off at 2 PM! Porch Fest is when people generously offer up their porches and yards to allow complete strangers to stop by and listen to live bands. These are civilians who are taking a risk by opening up their property to strangers, and there will be kids around, so please be respectful. This probably isn't the day to bust out that offensive hash t-shirt you've been dying to wear. Normal alcohol and leash laws apply, and property owners may choose to not allow dogs on their property. The actual start is a random normal person's house, where Body Glide's band, Brewery Road, will be playing from 1-2. Be there at 1 if you want to catch their whole set, but hounds off at the normal 2pm time. Parking may be a challenge. The Porch Fest website recommends parking at 4/5 Academy at 101 5th Ave, Decatur, GA 30030, walking, biking, carpooling, Ubering/Lyfting, taking public transit, etc. Oakhurst Presbyterian Church will also have parking behind the church. Turkey/Eagle split planned. Learn more about Porchfest here: Interactive schedule and map here (includes parking and restroom locations): Ass-We-Go's improv troupe (We're Men), Slippery When Wet's sister's band (Throckmorton Ukulele Band), the Wasted Potential Brass Band, and lots more are all performing 5-6 for your on-aftering pleasure. You have been informed. If you -- are looking for a more strenuous trail can't do without civilian-inappropriate attire don't want muggle kids around are the reason we can't have nice things -- or if this just sounds too confusing for a Saturday, check out Tailgunner's Pridelake r*n. _________________

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag etc. Also I would say sunscreen and $$ for any extra credit stops or on-aftering wouldn't be a terrible idea.

Directions to the Start: Click the red foot or check GPS of your choosing.

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