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#1885 on April 8, 2017
Whodunnit Trail?!? (You know the culprit well)

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00pm

Start: Start will be at the Sports Authority (out of business), 3222 Northlake Parkway, NE., Atlanta, GA. It is across the street from Northlake Mall.

Hares: High Dicker

Cost: $8 for beer and orange food. Virgins are FREE!

Special Info From Hares: On short notice, expect great things?!? (Or drown your sorrows in good beer from a can.) Runner/walker options; nice Dawgy & doggie friendly. Just don't make us pay taxes, Dawgy!

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag, bug spray already god dammit, sense of humor, $ for mall shopping, etc.

Directions to the Start: Check out the handy red footie below.

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