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#1874 on January 21, 2017
Dawgy/Dribbles-Before January Adventure!!!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00pm

Start: 1305 S River Industrial Boulevard Atlanta 30316

Hares: Dribbles Before He Shoots & Dawgy Style

Cost: $8 for beer, wine and orange food. Virgins are FREE!

Special Info From Hares: This will be a live trail with PLENTY of off road. There will be a beer stop. This will be a W.E.T. trail. (Walkers, Eagle and Turkey.) Will need volunteer(s) to drive bags/beer to BS and end. Possible virgin territory also. Covered ending in case of rain.

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, umbrella, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: Hit the foot!

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