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#1872 on January 7, 2017
Pls Check Forum Update in AM -- Icy -- Pandamoanium Juss Lix Excursion?!?

Hash Info

Time: 1:30 pm, takeoff at 2 pm

Start: Sage Hill Shopping Center (Chillylanta?) - park in the usual spot!

Hares: Pandamoanium & Juss Lix Dix

Cost: $8 for beer/orange food; virgins are free!

Special Info From Hares: If you haven't already broken your New Year's resolutions, let us help you! Plan for a virgin ending & a great time! We'll have a covered ending option & wood fire to fend off Old Man (why a man?) Winter! Runner/walker/kid/pooch friendly if wintry mix isn't too awful. Please check the forum post in AM (1/7) if we can run, skate or will need to cancel😢. It's already hailing here & not likely to warm up (dang nabbit!).

What to bring: Bring the usual stuff including dry clothes, dry shoes, hash bag, sense of humor, warm woollies for trail, ice sculpture abilities? &/or keen arm for a snowball fight if we have any to throw!

Directions to the Start: Click on the wise red foot!

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