Hash #:
Cheddar Head 29

103 hashers in attendence:
Public Enema *Hare*
Panty Waste *Hare*
Banana Licker
Erection Master
Head Nurse
Hide The Salami
Hot Pocket
Tail Gunner
TV Hair
Shiggy Pitts
Tastes Like Chicken
Check My Bag
I Know That Trick
Bag Of Tricks
Condom Mints
Saddle Sores
Minnie Brew
Finger Licking Good (DC)
Diaper Dan
Dirty Limerick
Spread Eagle
Piggy's Bitch
Canadian Bacon
Crip Teaser
Surly Temple
In My Behind
Service My Tool
Fuckeye (BS)
Son of a Swinger-man (?)
No Slip Grip (?)
Smuggle Midget (?)
Yellow Dick Road (?)
Fill My Cavity
Killer Bee
Oops !!
Deposit Slit
3 Finger Hole
Dribbles Before He Shoots
Butt Pipe
Gefelcha Fish (())
Easy Head Job (PL)
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Lick Hole Ah
Yoron Weed
Martin Luther Queen ()
Crouching Chippy Hidden Penis (C2HP)
Trader Dix
Half Monkey ()
Dr. Penis Pavarotti
Big Bore
Frack Her? I Hardly Know Her! (BS)
Microbrew (PL)
Burning Bush
Davey Crochet
Chew Chew My Caboose
Au'Burned Out (?)
Fresh Fish (Wheelhopper)
I'm Ready
Schlong Suit (PL)
Docking Station
Iza Shawskank
Miracle Whip
Butt Sucker
Always Comes First
Butt Floss
Dum Buf
Banger Not
Cheese Infection
Wee Little Bit
Smirnoff Trail (PL)
Double Suck (PL)
Little Willie
MC Hasher
Rubs It Raw ()
Just Larry (Virgin)
Just Andre (Virgin)
Just Andy (x3)
Just Brad (Virgin)
Just Mara (Virgin)
Just Dave (Virgin)
Just Randon (Virgin)
Just Kira (Virgin)
Just Andy (Virgin)
Just Jeff (Virgin)
Just Justin (Virgin)
Just Candy (Virgin)
Just Cooper (Virgin)
Just Nolan (Virgin)
Just Annie (Virgin)
Just Jerrilynn (Virgin)
Just Rachel (Virgin)
Just Tonyo (Virgin)

69% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ~Unknown Hasher

* Disclaimer * The accuracy of the data in the hash database is dependent upon the halfminds that actually input the data. All descrepencies are due to CUI (computing under the influence) and we welcome any help in assertaining more accurate data. Please send a private message to Piggy's Bitch if you have such data you are willing to share. Attendence numbers do not include no-fucking-namers and visitors prior to 2009

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