Hash #:
Day of the Dead Hash

63 hashers in attendence:
Wil U Suck *Hare*
Killer Bee
Butt Floss
Fucked all Afternoon (BS)
TV Hair
High Dicker
Floppy Cock (Gulfcoast)
Diaper Dan
Gayco (PL)
Moustache Sally (PL)
Coffee Bean
Cornholio Caliente
Swamp Guinea
Barf Fly (?)
Big Bore
Dr. Penis Pavarotti
Down Where It's Wetter (AMH4)
Bindle Stiff (PL)
Davey Crochet
Chew Chew My Caboose
Lawrence of a Labia (PL)
Nacho Crotch
Tastes Like Shit
Cums On The Ceiling
Skid Marks
Two Lip (PL)
Johnny Danger (Boston)
Steve Blowjobs (Boston)
Semen Fest (PL)
Long & Red
Safety Scissor Fister
Yoron Weed
Back Door Steward (Osan)
Hot Pocket
Fairy Juice
Tastes Great
Wet Dreams
Breach My Piece
Hide The Salami
Read My Boobs
Juss Lix Dix
Spread Eagle
Slippery When Wet
Lady GagGag (PL)
Robin Red Breast
Friar Fuck
Hired Snatch
Penis Williams
Always Comes First
Plus Two Coon Ass
Yellow Dick Gnome (Boston)
Poke Her Face
Just Robert (x2)
Just Hailey (Virgin)

69% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ~Unknown Hasher

* Disclaimer * The accuracy of the data in the hash database is dependent upon the halfminds that actually input the data. All descrepencies are due to CUI (computing under the influence) and we welcome any help in assertaining more accurate data. Please send a private message to Piggy's Bitch if you have such data you are willing to share. Attendence numbers do not include no-fucking-namers and visitors prior to 2009

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