Hash #:
Logan's Run

80 hashers in attendence:
Camel Toe *Hare*
Icing on the Cock *Hare*
Always Comes First
Au Whatta Pair
Butt Floss
Chokes on It
Coffee Bean
Community Chest (PL)
Cornholio Caliente
Dawgy Style
Diaper Dan
Donny Thu Retahd
Double Suck (PL)
Gayco (PL)
Lady GagGag (PL)
Lawrence of a Labia (PL)
Little Willie
Long & Red
Moustache Sally (PL)
My Cock in the Muff (PL)
Piggy's Bitch
Psychadelic Pussy
Queer Garten (PL)
Runs Down My Leg
Semen Fest (PL)
Show Me Long Time (PL)
Show Ur-anus
Smirnoff Trail (PL)
Spread Eagle
Star Whore
Surly Temple
Swamp Guinea
Tail Gunner
Wrong Jeremy (PL)
Short Stump
Cock Ring Master
Fucked all Afternoon (BS)
Bitch Fork
Dumb Fuck (BSH4)
Penis Williams
Naughty Nuf Sex (Boise H3)
Hemmorhoid (Boise H3)
Fuckin A+ (SLUT)
Purple Peter Eater
Boob Teaser
Claim to Flame (St. Louis H3)
Just My Size
Fill My Cavity
Lick Hole Ah
Wil U Suck
Fairy Juice
Chuck Chuck Deuce (St. Louis H3)
Busted Cherry
Poo-Poo Bear (PL)
Old Man and the Semen (PL)
Kitty Kitty Gang Bang
Safety Scissor Fister
On The Rag
Hot Pocket
TV Hair
Poke Her Face
Stalk You Long Time (Baltimore H3)
Just Chuck (Virgin)
Just Tony (Virgin)
Just Steve (x6)
Just Brittany (x2)
Just Aiden (x2)
Just Rachel (Virgin)
Just Gerald (x7)
Just Lisa (x2)
Just Allison (Virgin)

69% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ~Unknown Hasher

* Disclaimer * The accuracy of the data in the hash database is dependent upon the halfminds that actually input the data. All descrepencies are due to CUI (computing under the influence) and we welcome any help in assertaining more accurate data. Please send a private message to Piggy's Bitch if you have such data you are willing to share. Attendence numbers do not include no-fucking-namers and visitors prior to 2009

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