Hash #:
Red Dress

69 hashers in attendence:
Robin Red Breast *Hare*
Jackass *Hare*
Piggy's Bitch
Tea Bag
Magic Carpet Muncher
Front End Loader
Chum Rag
Curcum Ceasar
Camel Toe
Ass Para Gas
Check My Oil
Davey Crochet
Chew Chew My Caboose
Pills Berry Dough Balls
Sleaze Puppy
Surly Temple
The Mo Ho The Better
Cums Up Short
Man Cruiser
Leaky Faucet
Tail Gunner
Cheap and Good
Yoron Weed
Lick Hole Ah
Plus Two Coon Ass
I Dream of Weenie
Who Brought JR?
Diaper Dan
Cums On The Ceiling
Tastes Like Shit
Walt Jiz Me
Steady Downward Thurst
Foreign Lesion
Dr. Penis Pavarotti
Big Bore
Hot Pocket
Broken Bit
TV Hair
Hung Jury
MC Hasher
Pine Cone in the Puss
Pipi Longcocking
Poke Her Face
Friar Fuck
Bunny Tuna
Swamp Guinea
Just Mark (x2)
Just Sindau (Virgin)
Just Tammala (Virgin)
Just Todd (x1)
Just John (x1)
Just Carrol (x1)
Just Melody (Virgin)
Just Shawn (Virgin)
Just Jessica (Virgin)
Just Carl (x1)
Just Kevin (Virgin)
Just May (Virgin)
Just Kate (Virgin)
Just Carter (Virgin)

Hash Trash

The start was at the Lindbergh Marta Station. The pack of 68 wearing beautiful red dress left for the Marta heading to midtown. MC Hasher who was late went the wrong way on Marta. First stop was 5th Street Ribs and Blues where we had 20 pitchers of House Beer $4 each. Next stop was Steamhouse on 11th and West Peachtree where 100 PBR's awaited the thristy red dress wearing pack. Next stop was Vickery's on Cresent and 12th where 90 High Life were consumed. The second to last stop was the Bank of America trailer parking lot (can you say Ghetto?). We had a Pony keg that wasn't your vegetable girl friend (song reference) and sloppy joes and mac n cheese provided by the hares. The group was called to attention by Piggy's Bitch and circle mo wabs called to disorder. The 4 nominees for best dressed were Tastes Like Shit, I Dream of Weenie, Surly Temple, and Chew Chew My Caboose. Votes were tallied and the best dressed at Atlanta Red Dress 2009 was Chew Chew. The mob that was circle was closed and the keg ran dry and the pack was off to the last stop Joe's On Juniper. 90 PBR were at the last top were the group hung our for hours.

Written by Piggy's Bitch

69% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ~Unknown Hasher

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