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Robin Red Breast *Hare*
Portuguese Water Dog *Hare*
High Dicker
Chew Chew My Caboose
Davey Crochet
Wild Irish Hos
Bitch With An Attitude
Skin Flute Pie
Lost And Fucked
Read My Boobs
Ass Mint
Piggy's Bitch
Dawgy Style
Erection Master
Head Nurse
Who Flung Doo
Just Bridget (x4)

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So Red Breast was quite pleased with herself…she had been working on trail and seemed very satisfied that it would be good. She called while laying trail to say I’d really enjoy it but ChewChew might want to bimbo if he didn’t like shiggy. Sounds interesting.

We packed up and headed to Ellsworth Industrial where we found a great pack of hounds waiting to see what the trail held for them. Even Corkscrew came out of retirement, joined by other old-timers like BWANA and Dawgy Style to enjoy the ITP shiggy in west Atlanta. The hounds (including ChewChew) were off directly across the street and around a vacant lot (plenty of those around) to some local business parks. Pine needles hid all sorts of hazards but no injuries occurred until Super Suck took a bug in the eye which Skin Flute Pie had to dig out (that sort of thing freaks me out). Several marks were quite humorous, such as the mark on the fence above the retaining wall at an apartment complex. No way Red Breast could have reached that high unless she was on PWD’s shoulders!

One particular part of trail gave the hounds pause as we followed along an industrial building in a gully full of pungi sticks. Someone had cut down dozens of small trees about 2” above the ground – dumb asses. This dumbass decided to hurry until the first fall – I learn quick and slowed down. From here we did a little road running over to a check at a big intersection of railroad tracks. At this point Poonshine and Dawgy went exit stage right and did their own thang, although they were within about 10 feet of trail. Or should I say, they were 10 feet directly below trail…a cool tunnel led them under the actual trail.

We were held up a good 5 minutes by a train but finally crossed, assuming the two boxers would be far ahead. Trail jumped off the tracks and back into shiggy and hamsterland, but the next check was un-kicked. Reason to believe Dawgy and sidekick were there and didn’t bother or maybe they were off somewhere never to be seen again. We continued on with High Dicker, ChewChew, BWANA, Boner, and Wild Irish Hos in a pack over a bridge and into shiggy that led to what seems to have been a racetrack. Apparently there will be a new park in the area and there was more open unused space than I’ve ever seen in the perimeter. Our feet were mostly dry but we headed down towards the race course and then off to the left and back up to a big plain full of shallow standing water.

What goes up must come down, and we soon found a wall of dead kudzu covering a cliff. Down we went – slowly and carefully – watching every step of the way. The bottom wasn’t quite indescribable – I can tell you all about it – but you really have to experience it. There was a pile of tires – 4 or 5 deep in some cases – covered with dead kuzdu. Ankle breakers everywhere! This hound made it about halfway across before needing to use both hands and both feet to balance and not fall. This was THE trail feature about which the hares were most proud. Since I’m an asshole of course I told everyone to tell the hares we never saw it. Asshole!

But everyone made it slowly down and over then onto an easement to the right. More shiggy led to the beer near and on in at a school under renovation. The hounds trickled in, including Dawgy and Poonshine towards the end of the pack, followed by the walkers – Head Nurse, Tripod, Ass Mint, Read My Boobs, Ouch! and Phred. Lost and Fucked was already in his converted, convertible pajama bottoms showing off his ass. Piggy’s Bitch was well-rested after having been picked up by Who Flung Doo and given a ride to the end. Doo’s daughter Bridget disappeared with Piggy for a long time – who deserves the down-down here? I vote dad.

Circle was called to disorder and all the normal down-downs dispersed. Super Suck did a great job and the only person who seemed upset was just Bridget who cried until Ouch! took her down-down for her. Super Suck joined virtually every group of offenders for one reason or another – see, there is a benefit to running circle! With that most of the hounds were off to Bone Garden Cantina for margaritas, great food, beer, and more margaritas! On On to Chedderhead! (woot)

Written by Davey Crochet

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