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Max Ass and Half Ass since 7-12-14 for extreme tp conservation

Average Attendence in 2018: 30.37

Injuries Last Week: 23

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We need a hare for this week

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The Atlanta Hash House Harriers and Harriettes (AH4)

Turn left when the area looks sketchy.....
~Swamp Guinea giving directions to Moonlite start

April 2018
If a hash is missing contact that hash's mismangement and tell them to contact Piggy B.

The Atlanta Hash House Harriers is a Social Running Club that emphasizes fun (beer) more than competition. Our goal is pretty simple - get a little exercise, drink some beer, give each other a hard time, and bitch about stuff with four-letter words. At one of our fine hashes, which generally meet each Saturday at 1:30PM, you can expect to find a somewhat challenging cross-country trail, which will be marked in biodegradable flour - you know, the stuff Grandma uses to make cookies. You follow this fine trail through all sorts of slop, muck and prickly-briar-filled bushes for four to five miles until you get to the end. Why, you might ask, would anyone do this? Simple Answer - BEER. The Complicated Answer - More beer! (We like beer, the people who make beer, and the people who like to drink beer.) Yep - heaps of beer. All waiting for you... Sounds good, doesn't it? Ready to go hashing?

Founded in 1982, the Atlanta Hash was the first hash to hit the great state of Georgia, and we've given birth to many other chapters near and far. We don't take ANY responsibility for these ne'er-do-wells, but if you can't hash with us for some stooopid reason, we suggest giving them a look-see, they are all listed on the Atlanta Area Hashes grid. Just don't expect any of them to be as cool as us.


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As always, AH4 Needs Hares! Yeah it is one of the ironic things in life in that for the bulk of us to kill a Saturday by running a trail and getting blotto on the beer, that one (or two) of us have to take a bullet for the team, and set the damn trail. Sign up to hare a trail - all ya gotta do is click on this here fancy link, hare@atlantahash.com.